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Like virtually every other local business owner and creative, Justin Carter—who cofounded Bushwick’s electronic-music-centered hangout Nowadays with Eamon Harkin in 2015—has gone from business-as-usual to reinvent-the-business virtually overnight.

Marcell Ozuna Mix It Up Shirt


On February 29, my wife and I went for Szechuan food—people weren’t going to Chinese restaurants anymore, so we thought, Let’s support them—and on the Marcell Ozuna Mix It Up Shirt in contrast I will get this way there I started thinking about what might happen if our business were to close,” Carter says. “And I guess what we’re all trying to do is to somehow find something in what you do that’s still exportable to people. Everybody’s broadcasting DJ stuff all the time, but we also do community programming—educational events where we teach people how to use production software, or hosted panels about creating safer spaces or training in bystander intervention—stuff that’s more well-rounded in the way that I think Nowadays is more well-rounded.”

Marcell Ozuna Mix It Up Shirt Hoodie

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