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Llama non sono bello piaccio shirt

In an apartment in Gaza, a model with a septum piercing wears Meera Adnan’s ’80s-style looks: an oversized jacket with puffy sleeves and extreme high-waist trousers with shell buttons. The Gaza-based designer typically favors easy suiting pieces that come in voluminous silhouettes with a playful retro vibe, usually mixing in modern styling effects, such as a Fendi bag and a Prada bucket hat. In the Llama non sono bello piaccio shirt In addition,I will do this 27-year-old’s current look book, she captured the model with an almost on-the-go flair, with her Palestinian-Gaza passport in her hand and a bottle of Jasmine hair oil on her mantle. Here, looks are casual, like an asymmetrical cream dress with bishop sleeves and a large olive blazer that looks plucked from a man’s closet. “If you want to dress it up or want to dress it down, you just can mix it with anything,” she says. “For example, if you are hijabi or if you’re not a hijabi, you still can pull it off.”

Llama non sono bello piaccio s hoodie


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