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Though sorting through the The catch motion shirt Apart from…,I will love this expiration pile has been emotionally taxing, it has also been a transformative experience. I have been able to reexamine myself through the clothes that have played a major role in my life. Were the three identical pairs of black Dickies pants I owned a failed attempt at fitting into a world of women who live on a diet of macro bowls and kombucha and plant monsteras in every corner of their sun-drenched downtown apartments? Was I holding on to the vintage Courrèges T-shirt given to me by an old flame because I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the relationship? (I wore it, well, never!) What’s more, half the things that I had once considered precious no longer fit me. Ultimately, these are the kind of questions that rise to the surface as we clear a pathway through our wardrobes and, hopefully, our inner lives. A closet cleanse is undeniably cathartic for the soul.

The catch motion shirt

One of the The catch motion shirt Apart from…,I will love this most surprising pieces that I have decided to keep is a bright red sweater by the Kyiv-based label Bevza. Wearing it, I always imagined that I resembled some sort of walking suprematist art advertisement—the fire-engine-red hue was far too conspicuous. It was one of my first purchases from the designer whose black square-toe boots have now become a staple in my wardrobe. Was I keeping it for overly sentimental reasons? Sure, most likely. (That is enough reason in my book to toss something.) But after wearing it for a few days in the comfort of my own home with a pair of my black Wranglers and pinstripe trousers, I realized that it actually looked great. The color a visual mood booster, even. All it took was a second glance and, yes, a few days of being very, very alone.

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