Stormtrooper support the troops shirt

Because it’s cold and damp and hellaciously windy here at that time of the year and me and Stormtrooper support the troops shirt the darkness or the dreariness of winter on Eastern Long Island. It’s when we finally get our home back. helping me to understand people, telling me why perhaps I had misunderstood them, getting me to realize that if there are negative people in my life then the best thing to do is to be civil but not close to them. She made life so much easier for me. We didn’t meet socially, i.e. her husband had barely said ten words to me all those years and ditto my ex to her. It was we girls, talking hours on the phone, nights out, not couples going out together. The days went by and she would call but I wouldn’t pick up. I would see her number and the tears would be streaming down my face but I wouldn’t let myself pick up the phone. I felt cheated, betrayed, as though all our friendship was just a laugh to her even though it was so important to me. When I told lesser friends about what had happened they all consoled me and said she wasn’t worth crying about. But I kept on crying.

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