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For New York–based skin-care brand Circumference, sustainability has always been top of mind. Just more than two years ago, the DP4 Dalla Cowboys Dak Prescott 2020 Shirt and by the same token and line, which is helmed by husband-and-wife team Chris and Jina Kim, debuted with a quartet of complexion heroes, all of which are powered by indigenous ingredients and arrive in recyclable glass bottles. Today, the couple is taking their environmentally conscious vision even further with the launch of their sixth product: a nourishing cream that is made using leftovers of the winemaking process. On the makeup front, Agdal, who learned her application tips from a how-to class she took when she was 14, reaches for RMS’s cult contouring bronzer, which she brushes onto her cheekbones, creamy highlighter applied around her eyes and under her brows, and a touch of Nars’s brightening concealer pen. “Some people like to be matte,” she explains. “I want to look like I’m sweating, but in the best way.” Golden, shimmery tones, courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk eyeshadows, add an eye-popping finish, as does a sweep of Hourglass’s luminizing powder blended into the apples of her cheeks. With that, Agdal unravels her braids, letting her hair hang long, loose, and wavy with the help of a spritz of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. “Feel good, look good…bye!”

DP4 Dalla Cowboys Dak Prescott 2020 Shirt

“Now that [Circumference] has been some time in the DP4 Dalla Cowboys Dak Prescott 2020 Shirt and by the same token and making, we really wanted to push innovation and progress to add another sustainability layer,” Jina says of the impetus for their new waste-not sourcing initiative, which was inspired, in part, by the book Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future, and, specifically, a chapter titled “Playing with the perception of waste as a future quarry—a starting point rather than an end point.” “It got us thinking,” recalls Chris. “Can we find value in what is seen as waste to be used towards a valuable skin-care resource?” Such a question—along with a pro tip from a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park—eventually led the duo to Bedell Cellars, a sustainably farmed vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island, which allowed Circumference to harvest its carefully cultivated grape plants’ leaves and vines, botanical by-products that would otherwise have been discarded. “It’s a perfect partnership,” Chris says, noting that during the fall harvest, the discarded flora is brought to labs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where scientists extract its high levels of nutrients for an everyday moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants, gentle enzymes, and polyphenols. Closing the loop, the mulch is then returned to the vineyard to be used for the following season’s compost.

DP4 Dalla Cowboys Dak Prescott 2020 Shirt Hoodie

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