Ibworm – Princess witch toss toss christmas shirt

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Ethel and Bob were very surprised. We laughed and laughed, Bob with tears in his eyes. Andy Warhol painted the Princess witch toss toss christmas shirt and by the same token and collector Ethel Scull for his first piece of commissioned art. Ethel Scull 36 Times.  “Very Pop!” I said obnoxiously. And it was very appropriate, since the Sculls were nouveau riche and quite vulgar. She was overbearing, and he was probably a crook, having made a small fortune from a fleet of taxicabs. Years later, it was revealed that he was addicted to prescription drugs and connected to the mafia. But their shortcomings were overlooked because they were buying the right art.

Princess witch toss toss christmas shirt

We ordered hot dogs and orange sodas. Andy asked me, “How many do you want?” “Just two,” I said. We had come two nights before, and  I had ordered three hot dogs, as I hadn’t eaten all day and was starving. That night Andy had sighed sexually, “Ohhh, will they fit in there?!” Now, the Princess witch toss toss christmas shirt and by the same token and Sculls were thrilled that Andy had taken them to a hot dog stand. “Andy always surprises ya,” said Bob. “Fabulous!” We joyously ate the hot dogs. The Sculls and I were a little drunk from the opening at Castelli. Andy was very pleased with himself. As we said good night, Andy told the Sculls, “Come to my studio on Saturday, I want to show you my new work.” Andy, we saw that Saturday, had officially entered his “box” period. In a pile on the floor were about twenty white cubes, each advertising in red and blue lettering: “Brillo soap pads . . . 24 Giant Size Pkgs.” He had silk-screened them days before, so they were fresh. They radiated greatness. Elsewhere were several other similar works: supermarket packaging for Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Campbell’s Tomato Juice; not the bottles and cans themselves, but the boxes that would contain them. A small crowd of friends and critics just stood around looking.

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