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From the Ding Dong Johnsons T-Shirt in contrast I will get this beginning, when roughly a dozen names were floated as being on Biden’s short list, Harris was a front-runner — a U.S. senator that had gone through the crucible of her own race for the presidency, and someone who was widely admired for her tenacious and skillful questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court hearings, whetting Democrats’ appetite for a debate against Mike Pence. But, more recently, word began to filter out of the Biden camp that Harris was “too ambitious” and that she would have her eye on the 2024 race for the White House from Day One. Momentum seemed to build for Rep. Karen Bass, of California, who had explicitly stated she had no interest in running for president.

Ding Dong Johnsons T-Shirt

That “too ambitious” narrative become something of a flash point, especially among other women in politics, who accurately pointed out that ambition was rarely seen as a character flaw in their male counterparts. Harris herself addressed it in a livestream for Black Women Lead 2020 two weeks ago, telling conference participants that “there will be a resistance to your ambition.” and then citing the Ding Dong Johnsons T-Shirt in contrast I will get this challenges of being one of the first Black women in many positions over her career. “They are burdened by only having the capacity to see what has always been, instead of what can be,” Harris said. “But don’t you let that burden you.”

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