Thexbear – Peace love native blood shirt

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I’m not really a hot pink kind of girl. On the Peace love native blood shirt But I will love this color spectrum, I operate most comfortably in a range of camels and greys or stick to black or white. For color, navy feels like a safe bet and, in the summer perhaps a light blue. In the age of working from home, when wearing jeans to the grocery store feels dressed up, hot pink feels decidedly outside of my current comfort zone. That is, til I saw this Staud sandal.  Whether or not WAP’s visual similarities are a direct and deliberate reference to Lil’ Kim remains unclear. There are other homages throughout—Normani’s houndstooth outfit is a direct call back to a 1991 Naomi Campbell photoshoot. Given that Kim has officially anointed Cardi her “Queen of Hip Hop” successor, she’s sure to enjoy this latest tribute.

Peace love native blood shirt

The thing is, what I lack in my interest for pink, I make up for in my love for satin. I would venture to say it is my favorite of fabrics, especially where shoes are concerned. As someone who lives by the Peace love native blood shirt But I will love this mantra less instead of more, satin is the ideal material to add a little extra something without feeling too ostentatious.  Satin is also especially kind to color, making hues sparkle and shine to their most saturated levels. Perhaps that’s how I ended up obsessed with a pair of hot pink sandals in a sea of black shoes. Perfectly minimal in design, this strappy sandal is a welcomed late summer addition to my wardrobe—and it’s now on sale for just under $200.

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