Thexbear – Juice 90s movie Cartoon shirt

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Also: The use of knit fabrics makes it possible to “tailor different compression needs according to different muscle types,” notes Lin. For example, she says: “We gave our bra tops a curved shape and knit the Juice 90s movie Cartoon shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this front of the bra with more compression than the back. We also knit our leggings with a thinner and stretchier yarn than our tops and offer a slightly more flexible compression on the back of the leggings than the front. This level of technicality and complexity is only possible with knit.” Lin road tested the garments herself during development, wearing them during marathon training as well as multiday hikes and cycling excursions. “The whole process felt like I was designing my ideal sporty suit of armor,” she says. “My intention was to specifically test our products under extreme usage to make sure they won’t easily wear or tear and that they are comfortable to wear from beginning to end.”

Juice 90s movie Cartoon shirt

As the Juice 90s movie Cartoon shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this athleisure market continues to boom, so too does the amount of harmful environmental waste. Lin emphasizes the fact that, unlike most activewear players, she and her PH5 team do not buy rolls of fabric and cut them into patterns, which creates leftover scraps. Everything is made using exact measurements and the amount of material necessary, and if a sampling mistake occurs, they are able to easily reverse engineer the knit panels back into usable yarns. Lin and her team are also experimenting with different recycled cottons and recycled plastics. “It’s our goal to take this activewear line a step further than zero wastage,” she says. “We always want to be pushing the boundaries of what knitwear can do and show what a small brand like PH5 can offer.”

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