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Summertime is, of course, about paring back, from our stripped-down ensembles to our less-is-more beauty regimens. But when salt, sand, and wind enter the Starkville Air Raid Shirt Additionally,I will love this equation, how does one achieve effortless hair without a plethora of products? Enter the humble hair comb. At once practical and chic, the classic tool remains an essential player in any above-the-neck seaside strategy.

Starkville Air Raid Shirt

Take it from Nu Swim founder Gina Esposito, who always runs a wide-tooth version through her thick, wet waves after a post-work dip at Rockaway. “I love how it makes my hair dry,” she says of her teal-colored comb, whose curved shape—designed to hang from a shower—resembles that of a seahorse. “I purchased it from an old salty pharmacy on Block Island and thought I had discovered some secret object.” Luckily for those of us who cannot make the Starkville Air Raid Shirt Additionally,I will love this trip to the 10-square-mile town, however, “you can actually easily find it online”—along with five other design-forward takes worthy of a spot in any beach bag.

Starkville Air Raid Shirt Hoodie

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