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Needless to Just a girl who loves peckers Chickens shirt say, my gf had to hold me back. The teacher called the principal before we could even get to his office to file a complaint. He told me he had no reason to not believe she was an excellent teacher and that I was ‘obviously exaggerating’ what she had said and that no teacher at his school would ever talk about a student that way. Even with my gf backing me up, they wouldn’t let me file a complaint. Instead, I was banned from the property. I was only allowed to park outside, go to the office or the gym to pick up my son from the after school program. I wasn’t even allowed in his other classrooms to talk to his other teachers.

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In middle school he still stood up to bullies and would even defend them to teachers so they didn’t get into too much trouble. There was one boy who would beat him up every day, and my son still asked the vice-principle not to expel him. He told her that he thought the bully had bad things happening at home and he needed help too. The reason no legal action, etc, was taken was because the boy came from a broken and abusive home and the school couldn’t take the chance they may be liable if the parents beat him to the point of putting him in the hospital cuz of something that happened at school. Thankfully I found a private school that was willing to give him a scholarship so he could attend and work at his own pace and catch up to his grade.

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