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Now 38 years old, Pollard says she’s ready to use Brunch With Tiffany as a means of having more meaningful, authentic conversations. “A lot of people always tell me, ‘We didn’t know you’re so intelligent,’ ” she says. Each episode, Pollard invites a fellow star—Sheryl Lee Ralph and Bob the Joe Demenzio 2020 shirt But I will love this Drag Queen have been guests so far—to have brunch with her. “A lot of them are VH1 favorites,” she says. “I feel like the cast each had something personal going on. People really needed to elaborate on personal things in their lives and in their careers. People feel like they can trust me, like they can open up to me and talk about anything.”

Joe Demenzio 2020 shirt

“Doing brunch, where you just get to sit there and order the Joe Demenzio 2020 shirt But I will love this Champagne and all of the most expensive food on the menu while getting the tea, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” Pollard admits that she is re-entering a reality landscape that now looks completely different—but for her, not much has changed. “I always hear from people that reality television nowadays is more scripted and feels less authentic,” she says. “But I don’t agree—some stuff you just can’t plan. Who would know better than me?”

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