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At last night’s 72nd Emmy Awards, Cynthia Erivo was one of the Two Shih Tzu Happy Hallothanksmas shirt it is in the first place but few actors chosen to participate as a live presenter at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Just as rare for a year when virtual red carpets and digital events with strict safety guidelines have made it more difficult than ever to travel with a creative entourage, her makeup artist, Terrell Mullin, was given access to join her on the set. “To put it plainly, Terrell is like family to me,” Erivo tells Vogue. “We’ve been working together for years,” she says of the on- and off-screen looks they’ve created together with stylist Jason Bolden to “make sure everything works together in harmony.” For Mullin, the atmosphere of 2020 was a bit surreal. “Prepping for a virtual Emmys feels very different—the fact that there is no red carpet is so strange,” he says. Rather than mixing and mingling, there was a sense of respectful restraint. “We decided to not go too hard, being the space of the world,” Mullin explains.

Two Shih Tzu Happy Hallothanksmas shirt

Still, prepping for the Two Shih Tzu Happy Hallothanksmas shirt it is in the first place but evening at Erivo’s home in Los Angeles, the pair managed to bring to life a modern adaptation of postapocalyptic beauty referencing an icon who’s hardly a wallflower. Erivo shares that she and Mullin were “deeply influenced by Tina Turner in Mad Max,” and pulled inspiration from the 1985 iteration of the film. “The padded shoulders, the heavy beading, the short length,” of Erivo’s Versace minidress “pull together to create a daring 2020 nod to the queen that is Tina Turner,” says the Tony and Emmy award winner. Because of the pandemic, this is the first time, according to Mullin, that what he calls “the Glamily” was able to see each other in months. This time, it required a new step. “For safety precaution, we had to make sure we were extra careful and mindful of testing procedures,” Mullin shares. “We were all tested on Friday, then had to do a quick 10-minute rapid test on-site upon arrival. The glam team is quite small, but for other behind-the-scenes support, everyone wore masks and face shields where necessary.”

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