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Fast forward ten years and Lyons is back with her latest venture: LoveSeen, a line of faux lashes designed for everyday wear. “I noticed that there wasn’t really anything in between eyelash extensions, which are very much appealing to girls that are looking for a natural look, and dramatic [false] lashes,” explains Lyons, who brought Ollivierre on board 18 months ago to help her achieve her vision of easygoing lashes for the Let Russ Cook Shirt What’s more,I will buy this woman who doesn’t want to—or, in Lyons’s case, simply can’t—undergo the high-maintenance and ultimately lash-damaging experience of extensions.

Let Russ Cook Shirt

“It was a really good challenge,” adds Ollivierre, who hand-assembled a variety of lashes, strand by strand, on 21 models, each with her own unique eye shape and skin tone—not to mention preferences. “It was almost like fitting clothing but on eyes, honestly,” Lyons says of the Let Russ Cook Shirt What’s more,I will buy this painstaking process, which resulted in a lineup of 21 styles, ranging from dramatic doll-like sets to delicate wisps that arrive on biodegradable trays made from sugarcane pulp. Lyons notes that she wanted to provide a natural-looking option that could be worn “with almost no makeup at all.” Her own go-to chocolate-hued tips are subtle enough for her to pair with her signature red lip.

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