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Aside from shopping eco-conscious baby clothes here and there for her daughter, Powney avoids overconsumption. Earlier this year she launched Fashion Is Our Future, a campaign that encourages people to post a pledge—buying more vintage, avoiding non-biodegradable materials, reusing instead of shopping—that benefits the Will You Just Shut Up Man Shirts moreover I love this environment. She’s adapted hers to reflect motherhood. “I promised that, like me, my baby would take them all on! The entire campaign is built around the motto that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something,” she says. “This means supporting brands that are transparent about their supply chains, over-wearing, and oversharing on social media, renting, buying second hand, and ensuring anything new will be passed on. Reusable nappies are next on the list!”

Will You Just Shut Up Man Shirts

Busy juggling a newborn, a business, and her continued efforts to push for sustainability in fashion, Powney has seen her style—and creative output—evolve in the Will You Just Shut Up Man Shirts moreover I love this last few months. “I have spent my life being super-busy; I can never sit still, even in self-isolation I am embracing housebound things I wish I’d had the time for previously,” she says. “I love easy pieces that I can wear in the day. I can usually be found in a boilersuit and then add a lip or earring and a new fab shoe and go out to events. I hate feeling uncomfortable and I love a uniform, an iconic look like Karl Lagerfeld or Bill Cunningham, it defines you. As Mark Zuckerberg says, it’s one less thing to think about every day if you have a busy mind.” Whether or not that ethos will carry over into Mother of Pearl’s next collection remains to be seen, but for the moment, Powney is focused on matters closer to home. “All babies are different, all mothers are different, and it’s the most wonderful experience, and everyone hits their milestones in their own time,” she says. “For me, when Niamh was at six weeks and giggling away, that changed my entire life for the best, and it will never go back.”

Will You Just Shut Up Man Shirts hoodie

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