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I usually stick to a uniform of cashmere sweaters and trousers when the Shut Up Man Biden shirt and I will buy this temperatures drop, but Dries Van Noten’s floral lace tights—paired with a midiskirt and knee-high boots or simply a trench—have completely won me over.

Shut Up Man Biden shirt

The idea of fall trends this year feels a bit strange, but even so I have found myself gravitating toward the Shut Up Man Biden shirt and I will buy this same item I always do during the season—a new bag. This year my style inspiration comes from none other than Katie Holmes and her sidekick Khaite tote bag. Even though our team is not returning to the office quite yet, my obsession with work totes runs deep. Khaite’s version is one I can’t resist, even if it’s something I can only carry to the local bodega for now.

Shut Up Man Biden s Hoodie


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