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Let’s redirect the Bartender I’d tap that shirt Additionally,I will love this time and energy spent hoping against hope for Mitt Romney to do the right thing into more productive fights: registering to vote, writing postcards, making calls to undecided voters, or donating to unseat McConnell and dozens of other GOP senators, so Democrats can start enacting our own aggressive policies. A 73-year-old white Republican man is not going to save the Supreme Court, but maybe the rest of us can.

Bartender I'd tap that shirt

“Models are much easier [to deal with] than celebrities; we have more fun!” says Iman, and if anyone would know, it’s her. As a supermodel, beauty entrepreneur, and icon, she’s been in the Bartender I’d tap that shirt Additionally,I will love this spotlight for four decades and helped change fashion for the better. For most stars, their style story can be told via the red carpet, but Iman’s groundbreaking career means that her influence extends into editorials, covers, runway shows, and more. From the moment she arrived in New York from Nairobi in October of 1975, she was busy making history—even if she didn’t realize it at the time. “I’d never seen a fashion magazine in my life; I’d never worn heels or makeup for that matter,” she shared with Vogue at the Mercer Hotel. “So, I had no idea what I was walking into.”

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