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This Canadian series based on L.M. Montgomery’s classic 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, is as comforting as it gets. Anne, played by Amybeth McNulty, is effortlessly charming and cheerful even when the Stand Back Pb Stand By Shirt in contrast I will get this chips are down, which is a vibe I am not managing to embody right now. Still, it’s nice to see it onscreen! Romance conducted in isolation? Yes, please. Sit back, relax, turn your brain all the way off, and allow yourself to unabashedly love this reality series about singles who are looking for connection without ever meeting face-to-face.

Stand Back Pb Stand By Shirt

I don’t recommend tackling true crime right now, but it is the Stand Back Pb Stand By Shirt in contrast I will get this perfect moment for a true-crime parody. That’s where Tony Yacenda’s 2017 masterpiece American Vandal comes in; watching a student documentarian investigate the mystery of who’s been targeting his school with phallic graffiti is guaranteed to take your mind off the real world. Okay, there’s some very real stuff discussed on this zany animated series, so proceed with caution if you’re committed to avoiding anything that reminds you of the outside world. That said, the bright and beautiful visuals of Tuca & Bertie, combined with Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong’s chemistry as an outgoing toucan and an anxious songbird, definitely constitute a soothing distraction.

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