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With an active membership of 820,000 and counting, GirlTrek’s mission is to mobilize one million women by the Shut up trump you clown vote shirt Also,I will get this end of 2020. Dixon, who has been living in Ghana for over a year, has found that the movement appeals to an international audience. “The core of GirlTrek is reclaiming your time from exploitative labor, and that is universal across the diaspora,” she says. “It’s reclaiming time for wellness, reclaiming time for self-care, and the women here probably need to reclaim time certainly as much, if not more.” GirlTrek has active walkers throughout Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya, with African women adapting the mantra of self-care and applying it locally.

Shut up trump you clown vote shirt

The organization’s global impact continues to astound its founders. “People are seeking satisfaction, completion, and health. Women have quit their jobs, started their own companies,” Dixon says. “One of our organizers didn’t think she could have a baby. She not only had a baby, [but] she weighed less at nine months than when she first got pregnant because she was also walking. She transformed her entire life.” While encouraging walking is GirlTrek’s principal mission, bespoke programs like Black History Bootcamp require further effort. In addition to their regular roles of commanding TED Talks, procuring corporate sponsorship, and speaking at national conventions, like the Shut up trump you clown vote shirt Also,I will get this Obama Foundation Summit, Dixon and Garrison operate as content producers of the podcast. “A lot of what you hear is us exploring together, essentially teaching to the other one, which makes what we do pretty unique because it really is public learning,” says Dixon. “We’re literally grappling with information, asking hard questions of one another, and trying to formulate solutions and inspiration together.”

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