I Like Horses and Coffee and maybe 3 people shirt

Those were what I Like Horses and Coffee and maybe 3 people shirt made me a perfect target over and over. I did leave abusers every time but they just kept pretending to be nice caring people just to get close enough to try to destroy my life over and over. Showed me the room, explained everything and when he was finished he just stood there waiting. Now this was my first ever business trip and first time in the States and it took a momennt for the penny to drop, so I opened my wallet and gave him what i thought was a five dollar note. The guy looks at me with a massive grin on his face and says thanks whilst holding up the apparent 5 dollar note, only it wasnt, it was 50 dollars.

Witch betta have my candy shirt

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I Like Horses and Coffee and maybe 3 people shirt

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Being a Brit I didnt realise that all American money looks the same, its all green and the same size which is bloody confusing. This guy should have been the head concierge, he knew the best places and organised everything for me. This paradox is part of the confusion that the abused partner constantly feels as the relationship with a narcissist takes shape. It will always be the other persons fault. A toxic narcissist might actually enjoy or purposefully bring about this emotional suffer on their partner. The other two type, exhibitionist and covert narcissist will just not appear to care. They must be in control and have entitlement. A Narcissist must have it though. Anything that threatens this must be challenged.

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