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And of course, sustainability is mainstay, though this time it�s also an aesthetic choice. For example, one pair of low-tops is made from recycled army bags and tents that came from a military overstock factory. His use of eco-friendly leather has become standard with some uppers are even crafted out of apple or corn leather, which uses about 60% of the Strong Woman Redhead Unbreakable shirt and I will buy this waste from corn.�His signature outsole is made from recycled rubber that can be recycled again and again, creating a closed loop system. Eventually, he wants to establish collection points where customers can drop off their worn down shoes to be recycled. �Usually, at the end of the life of the shoe, it is thrown away and that is the system that we wanted to rethink,� says Rombaut.�

Strong Woman Redhead Unbreakable shirt

Shot by photographers Valentin Fabre and Boris Camaca, the Strong Woman Redhead Unbreakable shirt and I will buy this look book further underscores Vir�n�s green-loving ethos. In images by Fabre, models are seen wandering around Paris carrying plants. In the imagery shot by Boris Camaca, models are shown in flexible positions, arching their backs over tree branches or in quasi-yoga states with their arms looped between their legs on benches. �It was about demonstrating how people were flexible and how you should be flexible and try several things,� says Rombaut. �You don’t have to bend over backwards to find good vegan shoes.��

Strong Woman Redhead Unbreakable s hoodie


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