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Now Beckham, who’s sought out the LGBT together we Dance shirt But I will love this neutral tone since her Spice Girl days, has finally taken matters into her own hands with the upcoming launch of a collection of pigments, named—what else?—Posh. “I wanted to create the perfect nude lipstick for everyone, no matter your skin tone,” she says of the nine-piece rose flower wax-and-avocado-oil-infused lineup, which is comprised of hushed hues, ranging from pale peach to copper, and a single pop of color in the form of a bright, bold red.

LGBT together we Dance shirt

That the LGBT together we Dance shirt But I will love this collection—a two-years-in-the-making passion project delayed by Beckham’s insistence on a clean formula with zero concessions on her ideal rich, creamy finish—is finally launching at a time when our mouths are obscured by protective coverings does not deter her. In fact, quite the opposite: “I still want to leave the house feeling as I would normally: fully put together,” she explains, adding that she’s become partial to a “dimensional lip” achieved with her Victoria Beckham Beauty liner in No. 02 and a combination of Spice and Pout. Simply put, “No mask is going to stop me from feeling like the best version of myself.”

LGBT together we Dance s Hoodie


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