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In Lovecraft Country, a 1950s-set horror drama about a young Black man named Atticus “Tic” Freeman traveling throughout segregated America to find his missing father, Smollet plays his sidekick, Leti. To get into character, Smollett returned to her roots and channeled her grandmother. “She was the Coffee Books and Rain shirt moreover I love this first Black Miss Galveston,” explains Smollett of her grandmother, who won the Texas beauty pageant and was nicknamed Showtime by her family. “She could show you a good time,” she says with a laugh. Although Smollett never got the chance to meet her grandma, she was immortalized through the stories she heard growing up, like how she’d drink Jack and Cokes or her ability to make men fall in love with her on sight. “She was a single mom raising four kids and [supported the family by] cleaning the homes of white folks,” she adds. Like Leti, Smollett’s grandmother would go to work with her hair and makeup done and dress ironed every day. “Regardless of how much they neglected, mistreated, and underpaid her, she wouldn’t allow them to rob her of her dignity—she had an indomitable spirit,” explains Smollett. “That was her rebellion! Getting all dressed up each day. Despite society trying to erase her, she was going to walk around with her dignity and her pride intact. That spirit of rebellion is very much something I tried to insert inside of Leti.”

Coffee Books and Rain shirt

In bringing Leti’s many facets to life, Smollett explored her own nuances and vulnerabilities as a Black woman. “While she is definitely a bit of a tornado and a bit of a disruptor, we didn’t want to portray her as just a strong Black woman because that also does a disservice to us as Black women,” explains Smollett. “Then you don’t hold space for our pain, you don’t hold space for our weaknesses, you don’t hold space for our fragility. It increases this Coffee Books and Rain shirt moreover I love this notion that we don’t need comfort, that we don’t need to be cared for, and that we can just shoulder everything on our backs.”

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