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Smith loves this hands-free dryer accessory because it’s “fast drying with maximum airflow pocket design.” Plus, it has a nonslip silicone collar that ensures the Cute Unicorn Dabbing pride shirt and I love this tube will stay on its associated hair dryer.

Cute Unicorn Dabbing pride shirt

The first thing I did when I found out that Century 21—a vast mess hall of discount clothing—was closing was text my old Belarusian roommate, Svetlana. We lived together in Queens, at an archipelago stop that was sprawling with slow grannies and only a few rides away from JFK. At the Cute Unicorn Dabbing pride shirt and I love this time, she was working for a philandering dentist and I was working a job I found on Craigslist that I’d later get fired from. “U serious? This is sooooo sad,” she texted. “I loved it so much.” She left me a voice message about what she had bought during our Queens days: “Really everything. Bags. Leather jackets. Perfumes.” Century 21 boasted great designer clothes, but for beautifully discounted prices. There were the luxury gems such as Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, and beyond—all marked down and waiting to be snatched up. Unfortunately, during COVID-19, it is filing for bankruptcy and claims there is no “viable alternative.” Everything must go.

Cute Unicorn Dabbing pride s Hoodie


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