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Made in the Jeff Beck Wired shirt and by the same token and cultural melting pot that is modern-day Miami, NST’s charming accessories represent a multitude of people and places too. Natalia Solange Teran credits her Cuban, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and French roots as a consistent source of creative inspiration, and she makes her Instagram-famous treasures with objects and materials from all around the world: vintage beads and silks from China, gold from New Mexico, deadstock jacquards from anywhere and everywhere. The audacious palette, of course, is an unmistakable nod to her sunny hometown. “I’m told the line has a very vibrant Miami feel,” Teran says. “I like to embrace the fact that I’m from here.” Known best for her pearl-and-cloisonné earrings, which retail for around $100, Teran is branching out into weightier pieces made with custom molds, like the studs she’s been wearing daily. Inspired by her grandmother’s Mexican coins, they’re aptly named the Heirloom Coin earrings.–Emily Farra

Jeff Beck Wired shirt

Peter Dundas is famously detail-oriented, whether he’s hand-draping an evening gown for Beyoncé or producing his latest accessory: face masks. In vibrant florals and animal prints plucked from his runway collections, these aren’t like the Jeff Beck Wired shirt and by the same token and cotton “fashion masks” nearly every brand has made this summer. Dundas is the first designer to make custom-printed medical-grade masks, the same kind doctors and nurses wear in the hospital, typically in the same shade of icy blue. Dundas and his partner, Evangelo Bousis, were inspired to rethink the basic design after talking to the healthcare workers in their family; one cousin, a nurse, lamented the sterile look of surgical masks and the way they covered her colleagues’ smiles and expressions. (Similarly, my sister’s NICU team treat their hard-to-find lavender or pink masks as prized possessions.) “We thought it would be nice if we could make something uplifting,” Bousis explains.

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