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The Queens native attended the Pac Man shirt besides I will buy this Rhode Island School of Design, where he became aware of the impact of clothing among his peers. Before college, LoCascio had only worn uniforms to school. When he eventually ventured out, he saw that clothing was a means of expression. “I never understood the deep perception of what you’re wearing and how it expresses yourself,” he says over the phone from New York. After college, LoCascio went on to work at Marc Jacobs doing embroidery layouts and laser-cut leathers. While he was at Marc Jacobs, LoCascio’s portfolio began to get pulled by stylists and he began to be commissioned to create pieces for celebrities. “It was a fabulous side hustle, but definitely a side hustle,” he says.

Pac Man shirt

Currently, LoCascio fuses his background and experiences with celebrities into his designs. In his new line, there are still echoes of LoCascio’s love for outerwear, like a textured cream robe coat with flames licking up from the Pac Man shirt besides I will buy this bottom. The collection is rounded out by fun pieces that will certainly appeal to the megawatt crowd, like a trippy turtleneck top printed with the faces of dinosaurs and colorful fur bucket hats splashed with bubble-gum pink and nuclear green. For LoCascio, this playful imagery hails from his childhood. He considers himself a kid of the ’90s and ’00s and cited shows like Lizzie McGuire, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Moesha, as well as journals from his youth with his sketches, as inspiration. “I was seeing how pop culture has manifested into my aesthetic,” he says. “It was a very special moment for me and a self-love thing.”

Pac Man s Hoodie

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