Assuming I’m just a basic witch was your first mistake shirt

Fast forward a year. A girl in Assuming I’m just a basic witch was your first mistake shirt her unit was getting married and we were invited. I wore a black suit with a red tie. She wore a red dress with black trim that drove me crazy. Now, wifey wasn’t a big partier, a couple of Tequila Sunrises and she was good. That day she was surrounded by her friends and let loose. My mom got pregnant with me on her birthday while on a strong treatment for typhoid where the doctor told her specifically she couldn’t get pregnant because of the medication. So many people think working in a restaurant is cooking one plate at a time, where going in when it’s slow will mean your food will get the upmost attention. No, that’s not how it works at all.

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Assuming I’m just a basic witch was your first mistake shirt

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I’m the one that has always tried to please her until college and a dish not put away that basically made me say I’m done. Internally I try to please but have to remind myself that nothing can really please her. At 16 she told me she wanted to have an abortion with me. You can imagine what that did to my self-esteem. I don’t blame her but it would have been nice to see her be a fair person as a mother. She is the queen of backhanded compliments. If you ever cooked in a kitchen, you know things aren’t as lenient as they are at your own home. It’s about being efficient and getting those plates out in 10 minutes or less. The more you have to do at once, the better you cook. There is something about stress that makes you hyper-focused and getting it all perfect.

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