Giraffe wait what I have an attitude no really who knew shirt

That Giraffe wait what I have an attitude no really who knew shirt scary music continued to play very loudly- and there were wax figures set up from classic horror movies. Every single one of them did something to surprise someone as they passed by it. I remember getting scared and wishing I could get out of there. As soon as we walked by an exhibit of zombies surrounding an old truck that was stuck in mud- the lights on it suddenly came on and the sound of the truck’s horn was beeping really loud. That made me scream like a ‘complete wimp’.

Dragon I’m pretty sure if i smacked the stupid out of you there wouldn’t be anything left shirt

I think that was when we finally were close to the end of it. As we were coming back out- my mom said she was able to hear me screaming. My brother had been making fun of me for doing that. Then my dad said that he apologized for making me walk through that exhibit- and should have let me do just what I wanted to. I had to keep hearing about what happened in there from my brother for the next two years. The company I worked for decided at the start of lockdown due to coronavirus to sack pretty much all of the staff. The fact that all of these people couldn’t exactly help it being a global pandemic was clearly inconsequential to them.

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