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One day my eldest son sat down with his father, my ex, and Elephant and yet despite the look on my face you’re still talking shirt told him he must see a psychologist to help him deal with the divorce. At that time we had been divorced over 5 years and my ex had remarried, divorced her too, and was living alone. My son insisted to his father that he has to stop badmouthing me and living in the past, that he must make a new start in life and if he hasn’t realized this in the past five years he has to get professional help. The days went by and she would call but I wouldn’t pick up. I would see her number and the tears would be streaming down my face but I wouldn’t let myself pick up the phone.

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But I kept on crying. It was the hardest whack I had ever received from a friend, and one whom I had trusted so many years with all my secrets. My children kept on pleading with me to go back and speak to her. They were friendly with her children and everyone wanted the friendship to continue. But I couldn’t trust her anymore. I wanted her to tell me that she had wronged me, that she realized how wrong she had been, but she never did. Two whole years went by. Her daughter told me that her mother had called my ex and asked him not to call her any more for advice, but it still wasn’t enough for me. I refused even though I was suffering. I had acquaintances and friends, but there was no one like Carol. I ached with the pain of missing her but I wasn’t going back to her.

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