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In New York, Collina Strada’s Hillary Taymour has been sewing masks with leftover fabrics in her studio with pretty results, from daisy prints to acid plaids. She’s already donated many of them to the Bear beer this is how I workout shirt so you should to go to store and get this Masks 4 Medicine initiative; while they aren’t a substitute for medical-grade masks, some doctors and nurses are using them as “covers” over their N95s to extend their lifespan, since they’re now forced to reuse them repeatedly. After sharing photos of the masks on Instagram, demand from Taymour’s customers spiked instantly. “I had so many [Instagram] DMs from people asking for the masks,” she says. “I felt weird about exploiting a product and selling something that is an essential need, so we started just giving them away for free with all purchases on our e-commerce site. But now I feel like people are just buying product [on our site] to receive a mask, so I’m figuring out a good price point to move forward with them.”

Bear beer this is how I workout shirt

Lia Kes, the Bear beer this is how I workout shirt so you should to go to store and get this founder of sustainable New York label Kes, began selling upcycled cotton and silk masks on her website last week. She’s also been wearing one anytime she’s outside: “I haven’t left home without a mask in the past few weeks, and neither have my kids and our team,” she says. “The reaction from our Instagram followers, clients, and influencers has been supportive—we’ve never experienced as much online traffic as we are [now], and the reaction is heartwarming.” It’s a nice bonus that her masks come in luxe materials and shades of berry and ivory. In addition to selling them to civilians, proceeds of the masks will also go towards buying medical supplies for healthcare workers. While Vaillant and Meyer currently don’t have the capacity to produce and sell masks on their website, they had another idea for brands that want to help: “We strongly encourage luxury houses and groups around the world to donate their stock of unused textiles to produce ‘mask-making kits’ to be given or sold to the general public. We will be happy to help in the development and conception of such a project.”

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