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I don’t recommend tackling true crime right now, but it is the Peace – Love – Sanitize shirt also I will do this perfect moment for a true-crime parody. That’s where Tony Yacenda’s 2017 masterpiece American Vandal comes in; watching a student documentarian investigate the mystery of who’s been targeting his school with phallic graffiti is guaranteed to take your mind off the real world. Okay, there’s some very real stuff discussed on this zany animated series, so proceed with caution if you’re committed to avoiding anything that reminds you of the outside world. That said, the bright and beautiful visuals of Tuca & Bertie, combined with Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong’s chemistry as an outgoing toucan and an anxious songbird, definitely constitute a soothing distraction.

Peace – Love – Sanitize shirt

The one positive aspect of Zoom—beyond allowing me to keep in touch with colleagues and loved ones, yada yada—is the Peace – Love – Sanitize shirt also I will do this chance it affords me to peek inside people’s homes. Creepy? Maybe, but what can I say: I’m very curious about how people live. That’s why this Netflix property series that tours unbelievable abodes is so satisfying; I feel like I’m on an interior-design tour of the world, without ever leaving my living room. No, you’re the childless adult making an Ina Garten–inspired enormous cocktail and watching nostalgic kids’ TV.

Peace – Love – Sanitize s Hoodie

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