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Yep. The Pretty Covid-19 Tactical Team T-Shirt, some of the biggest white sharks out there were scared away from a huge food windfall — a whale carcass — at a time when food was relatively scarce for them and the females were likely pregnant. She and her team all got in the water and touched/swam around with the sharks, which (in my opinion) wouldn’t scare them away in itself, but they attracted dozens of other boats and people to this whale carcass to do the same thing. One guy even stood on the whale. (Edit: this was an anecdote I was told but did not fact-check and may refer to a different shark/whale incident, sorry for the inaccuracy.) In all the commotion, the sharks left, and gave up access to the rest of that food. Since white sharks don’t get the opportunity to eat that frequently (Sal Jorgensen and the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium do cool research on this!) losing out on thousands of pounds of whale meat sucked for them. gah I didn’t think this was going to get this kind of attention or I’d have linked some things/done more research. Sorry. I am on my phone and can’t fix it now. But thank you for the awards, that’s kind.

Pretty Covid-19 Tactical Team T-Shirt

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Plus touching sharks for fun is stupid. They’re amazing and beautiful and I have a lot of nature feels about them too but there was no good reason for her to make physical contact with a wild predator “for science” or “for conservation,” which is what she claims to be doing. Sharks are impressive and worth studying/saving on their own, I don’t need an influencer looking cute next to one to prove it, do you? I don’t know why this person does what she does and I do think it’s likely that everyone involved has good intentions toward sharks and conservation, so can we cool it? I have criticisms about a Pretty Covid-19 Tactical Team T-Shirt widely but we’re all learning and hopefully trying to do our best by the critters around us. My point was, this is a controversial piece of footage that got a lot of pushback from scientists I respect, and I was trying to translate that here. There was a post about a rare pretty flower the other day that someone found. A top comment said “so you Picked it. Needing to possess something in order to appreciate it is an unhealthy societal trend. I do the same thing though. I’ll be in a crystal museum and have to tell myself I can’t touch it.

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