I do my own stunts bicycle shirt

I am a fan of the I do my own stunts bicycle shirt besides I will buy this Dôen dress. I picked up this pale yellow one from their sale a few weeks ago, a rare quarantine purchase. I wear it with a vintage 80s sweater I pilfered from my mom, which originally came with a matching skirt that was sadly lost to the ages. All of my best pieces are from her closet — 1985 to 1995 was truly her era. A mix of gold jewelry from Etsy helps finish the look. The June gloom is real today, so I wear a cozy sweater over a top from The Line by K and slouchy brown cotton trousers — extreme art teacher energy. Dry shampoo has become my quarantine best friend since no one can tell if your hair is washed on Zoom. It’s a busy day, but luckily the sun emerges in the early afternoon. Since I get to wrap my day at 3ish, I throw on some sandals (and a mask) for a nice long walk, then try to unplug for a bit with a book. I just finished The Glass Hotel, which I loved.I do my own stunts bicycle shirt

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