I’m a simple woman peace love ocean turtle shirt

My friend’s mom died out of I’m a simple woman peace love ocean turtle shirt country under suspicious circumstances a few years later. About five years later I ran into him while he was getting his shoes shined and while I tried to remain casually polite he insisted on giving me his business card and saying I should call him to catch up properly over dinner. I promptly threw it away. A couple of decades later I met my old friend again, and she told me some scary stories about previous wives with suspicious deaths they had been unaware of. I regret never telling them about that summer I was 18.

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I’m a simple woman peace love ocean turtle shirt

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They were about a decade older than all the other couples on the block, probably in their late 40s at this time. They were known as pretty heavy drinkers, and had a bar both in their living room and in their backyard. But they usually seemed to be able to hold their liquor fairly well. That is, until one evening, when our neighbors to the left, Liz and Alex, were holding a backyard barbecue. He literally staggered into our neighbor’s backyard, where we were all gathered sitting around on the patio while our neighbors grilled and served snacks and drinks. No apologies, no embarrassment, nothing. He was too far gone. And then he basically fell over.

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