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I work at Home Depot. I had a man come in one day and asked where our butane was. so I took him to it and he read the bottle. He asked me if we had any that was 4 times refined? Apparently ours was only three times refined. So I told him all of our butane was right here and that it should work for any torch or lighter he had. Then he says well I need it to be 4 times refined because I’m making medicine, then gave me a smile and a wink. At this point i understood he probably was trying to make meth and I told him thats all the butane we had and he went on his way. My friend’s grandson had his wedding at a lovely country club. The ceremony was out on the golf course next to a lake at sunset. The light was just magical reflected off the water and hills as Texas sunsets so often are. We get back for the meal, greeted with the stunning cakes, open bar, DJ spinning, but no food. Appetizers are served and still no food. Started thinking that was going to be it when brothers of the bride come rushing in with Golden Chick fried chicken fingers and all the trimmings! Whaaaattt?

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Monsters are read ghost are read too they live inside us and sometimes they win shirt

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The caterer had written down the wrong day and time! Golden Chick 30 miles away was the only place that could put together food for 150 people on just a couple hours notice! They even had ice chests to load all of the chicken into to keep it warm! The food was delicious, the gravy perfect. It was a good laugh for most of us, and food that had little left over! Love Golden Chick to this day 8 years later. Know your audience. The lion’s share of his audience aren’t wealthy, or finance or business experts. Often they are young and impressionable. What matters is being liked by your audience. Likes don’t pay the bills in isolation. If 99% of people like you, but nobody feels strongly about it, that is worst for traction than 80% of people hating you and 20% of people loving you. But the average is just 60k. So probably some people you know, including people complaining about being broke, spend more money than the average decamillionaire and indeed some billionaires.

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Several years back ..had my wife and kids on a trip through Ohio… We decided to take a break for drinks, restroom, etc at a nice looking McDonald’s…. We all went in glad to stretch our legs and move around a bit…. We made our order and took it to a table.. Shortly after the others came back, I made my way to the restroom. It was a nice clean big room laid out completely different than any I’d ever seen…. Two stalls at one end at the right… to the left on same wall as the door was a urinal…then there was a nice wood rail and a step up to a raised level with another urinal on the same wall…nothing between but the rail… however they were about four or five feet apart. I went to the upper one and had just begun my process when an older Af.Am. man walked in and stood at the other loosening his apron and throwing it over one shoulder. I recognized him immediately as one of the workers who had helped us behind the counter. We had been cordial at the counter with conversation. He glanced up recognizing me and smiled.

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I’m not truly family, so i haven’t a right to say much. And i live a 16 hour drive away. I wish i could take her, at least for a little while to give him a break, but i have medical issues of my own that interfere. My husband and i did visit recently. I got to spend 2 days with her, and one of those we took her for the afternoon (it was 6–7 hours i think), to get her out, spend time with her, and give the family a break. He said it was the first break they’d had in he didn’t know how long. My other “brother” was supposed to take her after a year (he lives 10 hours away), but it hasn’t worked. Honestly, i think as much as Mom and that brother love each other, they would also drive each other nuts! Due simply to exhaustion, my brother will probably have to have Mom in assisted living before long. He probably would now, but the current -19 issues are causing problems. The homes won’t let them visit in advance to check them out, and once there the family wouldn’t be able to visit either. It is a very difficult situation. I know my brother doesn’t WANT to place her in a home, but he and his family won’t be able to continue much longer.

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