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But Morning Joe stands alone by avoiding all of these problems and by focusing intensely on important issues and intelligent analysis. Yet at the same time the show is super-entertaining. The host (former Republican Congressperson Joe Scarborough) focuses on understanding complex politics and policy issues, and he has very smart guests who really understand Washington. The overall show is pretty centrist — Joe is centrist, as are his guests. There is little ideological yelling. Some of his guests are incredibly smart, like Richard Haass, the President of the Council on Foreign Relations. Until I watched Morning Joe, I had concluded that TV news was a complete waste of time, and was completely replaceable by internet news reading. But Morning Joe is so engaging, entertaining, and informative that I’m now rethinking my distaste for TV. For one thing, Morning Joe does a great job of presenting and dissecting what leaders said publicly the day before. My sense is that Morning Joe is very influential, especially during the Trump Presidency. Trump and his team watch it regularly, and I think it somewhat influences their thinking. My sense is that if Joe slams one of Trump’s team members (example), Trump listens and it will influence his view of that subordinate.

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This redhead doesn’t like morning people or mornings or people shirt

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Though it is definitely a good habit to get home early and eat an early dinner, it is not always possible. Commute is a definite problem in most of the cities, also there are rituals/house-hold chores in the morning which take up a lot of time, even though you can have the luxury of having a maid to help you. A common factor that unites every Kendriya Vidyalaya across the globe is the morning prayer.Students from various classes form lines, close thier eyes and sing the prayer along with other students. Every single individual who studies in a KV has to sing/recite the morning prayer. The world around you is quiet and still; you can smell the air. There are few cars on the roads, the towns are mostly empty of people and the sun is low in the sky. The day is full of promise of things to come. I asked my mom what his daily routine is when I’m gone. She said he usually sleeps in until about lunchtime, then goes outside to nap in the sun for a bit. Then he comes back inside and goes to snooze in his dog bed, or a couch pillow if there’s one on the floor.

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