Kungkulpremium – Grand theft xmas Halloween town shirt

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Quarantine shoots can be stressful, but Bradley found the Grand theft xmas Halloween town shirt Apart from…,I will love this experience—and the clothes—enthralling. Shot at Please Space in Brooklyn by Pascal Perich, with movement direction from Moon, the team followed CDC guidelines while creating the series of elegant pictures featuring Bradley, Christine Shevchenko, Fangqi Li, Unity Phelan, and Olivia Boisson. Hearst’s designs struck a chord with Bradley. “The details are like artwork. I mean, even down to the shoes: sandals with marble studded into the heel that you really can only see if you look closely,” she says. “I’d call that a slight flex.” More than ever the industry has a crucial role in creating change. “Fashion has a voice in our society, and a voice that I hope will be used to push boundaries together,” Tisci concludes. “We are an industry of dreamers and we have the tools and the responsibility to use our platforms to unite communities and action change. I truly believe in renaissance, and I believe that the time is coming for a rebirth in the world.”

Grand theft xmas Halloween town shirt

The bold tie-dyed sweater Bradley wears in the Grand theft xmas Halloween town shirt Apart from…,I will love this photographs meshes well with her personal style. An admirer of the outré looks worn by Rihanna, Diana Ross, and Naomi Campbell, Bradley is enticed by the drama of fashion. But she’s particularly fascinated by the cyclical nature of trends. A Gen Z’er born on the cusp of the millennium, she draws sartorial inspiration from the stylized ’90s, particularly the vibrant costumes of the era’s teen movies. A reflection of designer whims rather than real-life high schoolers circa ’95, they remain relevant to this day. “Give me Dionne from Clueless’s outfits any day,” she says. “All my friends know I love a set: pants set, skirt set, shorts set. I love bright colors.” The put-together plaid suits and crimson miniskirts of Stacey Dash’s iconic character hold eternal appeal, but Bradley isn’t bound to one aesthetic. “It’s safe to say my style is 100% all over the place,” she explains. Cozy chic works for off-duty moments, but Bradley is okay with suffering for the right outfit. “I have many days where monochrome is the vibe [and] a cute, comfy outfit brings me so much joy,” she says. “Although I will happily squeeze myself into the most uncomfortable high-waist jeans just because that’s how I’m feeling.”

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