Hurricane This is why we can’t have nice things shirt

When you add in that Hurricane This is why we can’t have nice things shirt I was single, and not a single person I knew would own up to it, it gets creepy. The fact it was a sticker sold exclusively at the store I worked just made it much more creepy. To this day I still have no idea who put that sticker on my car. I was seriously freaked out. My male coworker saw how freaked out I was, looked at the note and was pissed. He called rando dude, and lit into him on how dare he approach his “wife” much less any woman in such a manner, with a few other choice words. All but the times my car was keyed, it happened in a mall parking lot that was supposed to be patrolled by security guards.

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Hurricane This is why we can’t have nice things shirt

I reported each one, because while it seemed minor, it could have been far worse. I actually have two kind hospital stories. I’ve told the one about my childhood on quora before, and the nurses who gave me a birthday. This is about kindness done for adult me. I am terrified of being sick. It exposes weakness, and that makes you vulnerable. In my childhood the vulnerable times are when you got hurt the most. So finding out that I had a tumor and needing surgery? I had heart breaking, breath stealing terror. I woke up after surgery feeling like I couldn’t move well and so very scared. I was still at that point before I was fully me, understanding where I am and what the situation is.

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