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I believe both strategies have their advantages. The sweet spot (as cliche as this sounds) is somewhere in the middle. You need to keep track at some points and reflect on your approach every now and again to see where you can improve. But at the same time you should stay open to the general flow and organic fluidity of this new task/ goal. It also depends on the context of the challenge and whether it can be broken down into micro components or steps. Alongside this, it depends whether you actually need to manage and track your progress or whether you can stay open to going with the flow. I’ve always been a proponent of the latter option (if it’s a positive goal or change just make it into your new lifestyle). There’s no reason why you wouldn’t benefit from that. What I wouldn’t suggest is blindly falling into conventional thinking or narratives that have stated what gets measured gets managed. It’s also obvious that there are plenty of organizations that achieve outstanding results without measuring some outcome of interest and “managing” for it. The Dutch home care organization Buurtzorg is just one example. They achieve higher patient satisfaction at lower costs without measuring and managing for either in any meaningful way.

Cats and tattoos make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

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Good luck with staying lucid and still having fun. You know you don’t need alcohol to relax but there are a lot of people who just follow the crowd because they still believe they need it. Are you a ball to kick around with no own will? Engage, be active do something and have own opinions, don’t be codependent, be able to say no. Why would you want to mess with someone that is only playing with you? I mean, if you are a door mat and want that people use you and throw you away when you aren’t of use anymore, keep doing it, but don’t whine about abuse on quora when you can stop it by your own will. Also, the idealization, devaluation, discard, hoover circle is a narcissist thing, not a sociopath thing, you diagnosed him wrong. If you are underaged, the best you can do is to read books. No parents can stop their children from reading or studying! Then once you are old enough, you have the skills to do the things you want. You can do anything you want within the legal framework once you are an adult. It’s not that it is considered racist, its just inaccurate. There were many different cultures that are now lumped together as Indigenous Australian. Some of them did engage in a purely hunter- gatherer system, but most of them had a system of semi-nomadic agrarianism supplemented by carefully husbanded wild animal hunting and effective fishing technologies.

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