Avatar the last Airbender Chibi Tree Halloween shirt

One night we were out to dinner with another couple, when the woman got dizzy and realized she forgot to take her pills that day and they had to run to the hotel to get them. They left the restaurant, asking us to wait for them there. The restaurant was one of our favorite, but had recently changed management and the food was terrible, so we started to feed the stray cats that were running around, wile waiting for our friends to come back. Wile doing that I noticed a small kitten that looked hungry and malnourished, but didn’t eat anything that we gave him. I told my hubby that I am worried about the kitty and he told me that we can take it right now, because we had reservation for a club to go to with the other couple and they were from out of the country and we can’t just leave them to take care of a kitty.

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Avatar the last Airbender Chibi Tree Halloween shirt

The couple came back to the restaurant and we left for the club, and since it was pretty late, I said if they are not still holding our reservation, we were coming back to get the kitty. The club was full and they didn’t hold our reservation, so I offered to go get the kitty and then go to our hose for drinks after. When we got back to the restaurant, everyone was leaving (the waiters were the same from before the new owners and knew us) so they asked us if we forgot something. I told them about the kitty and that I wanted to take it home. The waiters and the cook laughed and helped us catch it. What people usually ask for when losing weight is a restrictive meal plan and a vigorous exercise plan. What happens then is that a more significant portion keeps at it for up to a week or two, then stops, and only a small fraction actually achieves their goals. And only a tiny part of those that achieved their goals keep the weight off long term.

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