Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Wakanda Forever shirt

I really stared at him for a second. Not only did he startle the hell out of me, but I also couldn’t for the life of me imagine why he was mad at ME and what exactly he expected me to do about anything. I said, “Do you actually think I work here??”, motioning at my outfit and the boyfriend poking and giggling at my messy knot of hair. “MOVE THE DAMN LINE. OPEN ANOTHER REGISTER. God damned lazy cashiers…”, the man barked, making his grand huffy exit from the store while still glaring over his shoulder at me. He was so busy trying to stare me down that he walked straight into an empty display with peg hooks that caught on his shirt. He looked like he was struggling out of a giant spiderweb for a second. I giggled. That enraged him.

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Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Wakanda Forever shirt

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He kicked the door open and stormed into the parking lot. I saw him a few times while we were checking out, pacing and staring at me through the window. I’ve worked a million customer service jobs (but not currently, or ever, at Dollar Tree); this crap doesn’t work on me anymore. So I stared right back while my boyfriend paid for the stuff. Even stayed a moment and chatted happily with the cashier while the next couple were unloading their basket and giggling at the rude man. By the time we walked to the car, he had gone back inside the store, found himself at the end of an even longer line, and hopefully learned to be smarter about it this time.

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