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They were very handy to Science fiction the rocky horror picture show shirt have around so that our troops could do one-stop errands. I myself had worked for the Scout Shop some more years earlier and was aware of their policies. A set of policies in particular involved awards, such as merit badges and pins. Because not just anybody could slap a badge or a pin on a sash and claimed they earned it, the Scout Shop required evidence of award to maintain some integrity of the program. In other words, produce the proper documentation and then you get to buy the badges. Now, the area we lived in. The office was located in a metropolitan strip of decent-sized towns and cities, though the council itself served a very large geographical area that overlapped three states.

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There were two other satellite offices, but I daresay a large chunk of the troops met at this main office simply because of where we were located. Once again, a metropolitan area where I think the longest most had to travel before sighing and figuring they’d just go to a satellite office was maybe half an hour. Next, the populations that would come into the Scout Shop. Of course we had the Scoutmasters and den mothers and other leaders coming in, but because the Scout Shop had fairly typical business hours, it was also common for the stay-at-home wives to come in on errands. This was cool as long as the aforementioned proper documentation is all in order.

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