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My mil came to the new house my husband and I spent a year doing 99% of the work ourselves, building our house. We were general contractors with extensive construction know how. My husband had a flair with building and actually was more likely to have a much better idea than I. We had an house warming and “she” was there. Little did she know I was slowly trailing along as my sister-in-law showed her thru. When they finished exploring the master suite, I heard her say, “John can’t afford this, he’ll end losing it”. Not ‘they” or their house” which pisses me off a lot and normally I would never bring up personal finances with anyone but couldn’t resist, “ WE don’t owe anything on this shack, WE paid for it as WE went, and WE have already got an offer, someone wants to give us a mere $450k, can you imagine that”? Honestly tho, the woman never liked me and never called me by my name or ever referred to anything we had as “ours”, not even our children. I don’t know any reason for her attitude towards me. She’s, pushing up. So, we all good.

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Macho Man the cream of the crop shirt

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He showed up back at the office a week or two later with his Palm Pilot PDA and asked me if I could recover the data on it. He had it on his car roof and it had fallen off and been run over. Glass was literally falling out of it and it had no batteries. Needless to say there was nothing I could do and actually had it repaired because I felt sorry for him. Palm had a $99 everything repair policy. He never came back to pick it up though. Getting back to the original question, I was the one who had to clean out his desk with my boss occasionally ducking in to supervise. I had boxes for his stuff and boxes for the company. One of the things he had was a “Jazz” drive which 20 years ago was a pretty impressive gigabyte floppy disk that he needed because, and he was the only one who had one. Also a half-dozen or so disks for it. I had to go through it and delete any corporate info. They were full of porn. Very neatly organized into directories. “Big Blonde Babes”. “Busty Vixens”. etc. I don’t think I found any actual work material on them. Actually fairly well laid out and another of my coworkers who happened to run a porn site entirely on his own borrowed them briefly but that has nothing to do with this. We had decent at the time internet and completely un-monitored. He would come in around seven in the morning while I would rarely make it before 10.

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