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I hope not. But I struggle with the Wakanda forever gold foil shirt Furthermore, I will do this word ‘hope.’ When I think of it as a rose-tinted state of escapism, I cringe. When I bring to mind that age-old cliche that ‘fashion is there to make us dream,’ it rings hollow; tinny; irresponsible to me in this age of nightmares. The only way I can make sense of it is to imagine: What kind of new dreams can fashion make realities? And whose dreams, anyway? That is the space which is now wide, wide open for fashion to reform itself.

Wakanda forever gold foil shirt

The one saving grace to me is the Wakanda forever gold foil shirt Furthermore, I will do this way that fashion connects the visual eye to the mind’s eye. What I want to imagine isn’t a glossy old-world picture, but a whole other realm of what we can consider to be beautiful: things that are probably made while taking care of people and the planet. The idea that fashion is a medium for telling the stories of the people and cultures that belong to them—and that the act of buying can invest in strengthening them. Above all, the hope that fashion can actively set about redeeming its place in society by being about more than just making money.

Wakanda forever gold foil s Hoodie


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