Top Jeeps and Skull Pumpkin Halloween shirt

I need Jeeps and Skull Pumpkin Halloween shirt. I hadn’t read the books so I wasn’t disappointed, although the King they chose wasn’t the King I expected or wanted in season 8. They should’ve had Arya and Sansa hook up in the final series as Sophie Turner said she would’ve liked a sister incest story with maize Williams it definitely would’ve been something to have talked about as a very controversial thing. Even more so then the brother-sister one. The whole thing foreshadowed and built up to the night king to be this menace with far-reaching consequences and depth. To have him dispatched so easily and without much background to his origin or purposes was extremely disappointing. To me, that was the biggest issue, not bran becoming king, Cersei dying by debris or Daenerys’ abrupt turn.

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