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27 years later, their partnership is going strong: Zaldy has created every single look Ru’s worn on Drag Race. At this year’s Emmys, which will be presented virtually, Zaldy’s work in season 12 is nominated once again for an Emmy in the This Girl love Halloween shirt moreover I love this “Outstanding Costumes For a Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Program” category. He says the latest season exemplifies the changes and risks the duo constantly try to pull off on the show. “Within 12 years, you can’t not grow,” says Zaldy. “Within the world of drag, everything has been elevated to such a level that we’re always challenging ourselves within my studio to make something more and more amazing, and something that we may not have seen on Ru in the past. At the same time, [we’re] respecting the iconic image of RuPaul that we’ve created.” The signature Ru look, Zaldy says, is “long and tall. The classic Ru look is a column gown, with an itty-bitty waist that accentuates the hips.”

This Girl love Halloween shirt

Zaldy typically has about a week or two to craft a look for an episode. “It always feels like we don’t have enough time, it’s pretty fast-paced,” says Zaldy. But he doesn’t have to waste that precious time in fittings. After almost three decades of working together, Zaldy knows RuPaul’s measurements by heart, and they do zero (yes, zero) fittings. “I know Ru’s body so well,” he says. “Ru trusts that what I’m going to send is going to fit, and I believe that what I’m going to send is going to fit.”

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