Proud Grandson of a WWII Veterans shirt

My grandmother, whom I’ll call Proud Grandson of a WWII Veterans shirt Yuki here, was from Japan and immigrated to the United States sometime in the 1970’s. My grandfather was physically and mentally abusive to both her and his children, my father and aunt. But don’t pity Yuki. She was just as abusive to my grandfather and her own children. She sexually abused my father and mentally abused my aunt. When my father and aunt moved out, Yuki divorced my grandfather, took 2/3rds of his estate, then disappeared for a few years. My grandfather is still alive, but there will be no tears from anyone when he finally dies.

I met her one time, and that was Proud Grandson of a WWII Veterans shirt the last I ever saw of her. My parents were going to take the day off, and they left me for Yuki to take care of. She took me to a flea market, nearly forgot me, then started abusing me like she did everyone else. I just turned ten at the time. When my parents found out, she was forbidden from ever coming back to our home.

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