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I wonder if this is more the Official Easter 2020 Quarantined Shirt reporter wording it wrong. They don’t mention anything coming from Target saying that they’re doing it for employees. They just state that target is closed. Or perhaps Trader Joe’s sent them an email saying “Target: we will close stores on Easter” and the reporter got confused. That is actually not a bad guess. I can imagine the it up, saw that Target was going to be closed in that period and didn’t reflect more on it. Shitty reporting and free publicity for Target I guess. Maybe he is just trying to spread good news during these sad times. If so I can’t blame him. Every positive thing helps.

Official Easter 2020 Quarantined Shirt

That’s what my friend’s work did. They worked in a pub and the Official Easter 2020 Quarantined Shirt only day of the year they closed was Easter Friday. No, Thanksgiving is ~5-6 pm Thursday. Black Friday shift is 6 pm Thursday to Friday. We appreciate your understanding that our wallets and your time off for family cannot co-exist. I guess working at a super target with poor management made me absolutely despise working Black Thursday and Friday. Glad I finally got out. Hey I loved working black Friday at the target it was time and a half, they bought hella food for all the staff, and everything was super organized.

Official Easter 2020 Quarantined V-neck


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