Dead Kennedy’s Stealing People’s Mail shirt

You are so funny! But sometimes it’s hard to tell if you acting like a guy or Dead Kennedy’s Stealing People’s Mail shirt. This is more in general, this video is ok. Some others are hard to tell. The dark scarf sometimes isn’t enough. Wear pink when in girl mode! You are a ray of sunshine in my life and I feel so blessed to have found you on FB. Please, please, please don’t ever leave me, I need your comedic relief in my life. I promise to never tell your fiancé about us. Even on a shitty day, it’s amazing how a complete stranger can make me laugh again. You’re truly hilarious lol. I have been so confused! My husband has three best friends that he talks to like every 6 months or so and all three of them live in a different state than us and each other! Every 6 months when he tells me he talked to his best friends today I will just be looking at him like but you haven’t seen either of them in like 2 years how?

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