Joe and the Hoe shirt

Yep. I was a worker at McDonalds and only sixteen at the time, and we had a new employee. He was on grills, and I was on table right behind him. There’s another side to the table that cannot see the grills through the cabinets of food, so when any cook to order meat, in this case quarter pounder, was finished, the grill person would call “Quarters up!” So side two would know to get their meat and send the burger on its way. Well, our new employee absolutely refused to talk near me. I didn’t really get it, he would talk to other people. But he wouldn’t call out quarters up for the life of him. After multiple times of doing it myself, I finally stopped and took the meat and held it back to him and asked him to call it out himself. He slammed it into the table and splattered grease into it. I stood there and told him he needed to call out quarters up for side two. He would not, he turned back to his grills and ignored me.

Jason Voorhees Jaws shirt

Hocus Pocus Sanderson sister in October we wear pink shirt

Crazy witch love me or hate me either way you’ll remember me shirt

Grateful Dead vote this darkness has got to give shirt

Joe and the Hoe shirt

Missing have you seen this man Barack Obama shirt

Michael Myers free hugs just kidding don’t touch me shirt

Mom knows a lot but grandma knows everything shirt

Nerdy dirty inked and curvy vintage shirt

Official duck fiabetes shirt

Wanted dead and alive schrodinger’s cat shirt

To boldly go where no one has gone before shirt

Witch by nature bitch by choice shirt

We all have your six united family shirt

You think I care about who doesn’t like me hell my own family doesn’t like me shirt

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